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You have a target audience and a message to convey. Whether you’re telling a story or selling a product, that message has to grab the viewer and keep them interested. Peak Post Production Inc. is an audio post production service provider. We create captivating soundscapes for film, television and other media productions. Creating textures of sound to guide the audience’s emotions and attention is the goal of every project. See how you can benefit from our experience and passion for creating inspiring vistas of sound.

Although based in Ontario, Peak Post Production Inc. is able to serve your audio needs across Canada, the U.S. and overseas. Through electronic communications and FTP transfers of large media files, distance is no obstacle to quality and affordable audio solutions.


July 19 2011 - Looking forward to editing the SFX for a couple more episodes of Super Why!.

July 19 2011 - Just completed sound editorial for season one of In-Law Wedding Wars.

March 2011 - Just completed sound editorial for season one of Property Brothers.

Oct. 27 2010 - We have just installed Steinberg's Nuendo 5 - Audio Production System. It's a powerful editing and mixing system designed specifically for audio post production. We're getting ready to start 2 new series working with Images In Sound. We now have the option of working on Pro Tools or Nuendo!!!

Sep. 2010 - Just completed mixing The Tempest starring Christopher Plummer. This is the film version of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival production. We would like to thank Richard Spence-Thomas of Spence-Thomas Audio Post for bringing us on board this wonderful project.

June 2008 - Peak Post Production Inc. is pleased to announce that Super Why! has been nominated for an Emmy Award in the Outstanding Pre-School Children's Series category!!!





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