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Peak Post Production Inc. provides a wide range of audio services for film, television, radio, corporate videos and other multimedia productions. Please click on a service below for more information.

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Sound Design is the creation of new sounds and textures through the editing and processing of sound recordings. Examples would be the sound of a creature that does not exist in the real world, or the sound of futuristic technology or space craft. Sound Design can also be used to create the overall sonic texture, mood and character of a production, or environments within a production. Making an environment come to life as if it has consciousness or is breathing or is trying to communicate with the characters are all possible goals of Sound Design.

Patience, creativity and a meticulous attention to detail are the keys to success when it comes to editing. Whether cleaning up a noisy dialogue track or creating complex layers of sound effects or ensuring the action and emotion of a scene is supported with appropriate music, Peak Post Production Inc. has the experience your production needs.

Experience matters. When it comes to supporting your production with music it takes experience and a feel for the scene to know when to support the action with music or let the sound effects or dialogue take over.

There are many strategies when planning your music needs. Sometimes an original score is necessary, and sometimes an edited music track is what is needed or some combination of the two. Many productions utilize original score in earlier episodes while building a library to edit later episodes. Some projects only require stock music. With top quality searchable online stock music sites it's no longer necessary to own a music library. If your production needs stock music it's just a click away. Once edited to suit the scene, it will be hard to tell it wasn't composed specifically for your production. Peak Post Production Inc. can help you find a solution for your music requirements.

Mixing is an art. An immersive and compelling soundtrack has a sense of depth and can lead or mislead the audience in whichever direction the story needs. Knowing and understanding the story and characters is essential to bring all the various sound elements together to create a cohesive soundtrack. Being able to feel when the music or sound effects need to take over or when to pull everything back to let the dialogue breath is the mark of an experienced mixer.
Take advantage of our experience to supervise the audio post production process. Clear communication with producers, directors and all post production departments is critical to staying on budget and avoiding problems. Technical and delivery requirements are also easily overlooked without experienced supervision.
Peak Post Production Inc. can handle any audio or video file format you require. Also, we can import your OMF files to work with your edited production sound material.



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